Save The Children

Save The Children were invited to visit Za’atari – the world’s second largest refugee camp, home to over 80,000 Syrians – where they were introduced to an incredible project.
Magnum photographer Michael Christopher Brown had created a photography class in which he gave cameras to 12 children and equipped them with the skills to tell their own stories. These children have no direct connection to the outside world; no way to share their story and, vitally, to have others respond. My Own Account was about going beyond the photographs, creating an opportunity to engage with the people taking them.

To raise money for Za’atari, an exhibition was designed. It showcased the children’s photos, along with a book. The exhibition took inspiration from social media where visitors could show their love for the photographs by adding a heart to the ones that they really connected with. These interactions were recorded and shared with the children of Za’atari in what, for many, was their first interaction with the world outside since arriving at the camp.
Mother Design

    Christian Cervantes
    George Lavender