Fuhu is a vibe dining restaurant in Malaysia. Vibe dining, is a concept originating from Las Vegas, where diners can have a drink at the bar, then have dinner with a DJ spinning in the background, before continuing the after-party in the restaurant. A one stop shop for a night out.

Hidden behind a Chinese apothecary the restaurant is a true hidden treasure. Once inside, a real Sakura tree is suspended upside down from the ceiling. Everything is slightly surreal, the colours, the sounds and the experience feel like a dream.

As well as naming the restaurant, a narrative was created — Loosly based on Chinese folklore and using a Chinese word, with a western phonetic the name Fuhu was born. The name is a combination of two Chinese characters. Fú 福 — fortune/luck/blessing, combined with Hǔ 虎 — tiger. This creates the phonetic sound, and combination of characters to create “Fortunate Tiger”

The narrative is one of a forbidden love story that encapsulates the attitude of Fuhu, elegant debauchery. This was then commissioned to illustrator, Shannon Elliott, to create five Illustrations to portray the story. These were then used across different touchpoints throughtout the restaurant.
Glasfurd & Walker

    Phoebe Glasfurd


    Shannon Elliott (Pain Gardens)